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Leading private security firm in California and Texas, we offer comprehensive, efficient, and proactive security solutions.

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Joint Power Security Services
Security Guard Companies are every where, so what makes JOINT POWER SECURITY SERVICES INC different?

For over a decade, JOINT POWER SECURITY SERVICES INC has proudly stood as America’s trusted partner when in need of a Security Guard Company and Firewatch service provider. When it comes to safeguarding what matters most, we’re the name you can rely on.

To start JOINT POWER SECURITY SERVICES INC is the only company in the United States that guarantees that the client experience will be curated and nurtured by a single point of contact. What that means to the client is that no matter when, no matter what we will be on line and ready to assist you. At times when communication is critical we provide the answers you need; let us be the strategic security guard company that you call when you are experiencing an emergency.

Joint Power Security: Low Rates, No Contract.

We offer both temporary and permanent security services. Our security guard solutions are among the most comprehensive available. Regardless of the industry you're in, we assure you that Joint Power Security Service has a suitable solution for your needs.

Key To The Success of Our Operation.


Having a single person or team responsible for handling all interactions streamlines communication. Clients don’t need to remember multiple names and contact details, which saves time and reduces the potential for confusion.


A designated point of contact ensures a consistent and standardized approach to customer service. This person or team becomes familiar with the client’s needs, preferences and history, allowing for a more personalized and consistent experience.


When there is a single point of contact, it’s easier to hold someone accountable for the quality and timeliness of services. If any issues or delays arise, the client knows who to contact to address the situation.

Relationship Building

A dedicated point of contact can build a stronger and more trust-based relationship with the client. They can take the time to understand the client’s goals, anticipate their needs, and offer tailored solutions.

Save Clients Time

Clients can avoid the hassle of explaining their situation repeatedly to different people within the company. This saves them time and reduces frustration.

Faster Problem Resolution

In case of problems or concerns, having a single point of contact streamlines the resolution process. The designated person can quickly assess the issue and coordinate with the appropriate teams to find a solution.

Improved Communication

Effective communication is crucial in service-based industries. With a single point of contact, information flows more smoothly between the client and the company, reducing the risk of miscommunication or misunderstandings.


A single point of contact can help customize services to better suit the client’s specific needs and preferences. They can act as a liaison between the client and the company, ensuring that the services provided align with the client’s objectives.

Better Knowledge Transfer

When there is a single point of contact, it’s easier for the company to transfer knowledge about the client’s account and history. This is particularly important if there is turnover or if multiple team members need to be involved in servicing the client.

Enchanced Client Satisfaction

Overall, having a dedicated point of contact enhances the client’s experience. Clients feel valued when they have someone who understands their needs and can provide personalized assistance, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and potential for long-term partnerships.

Joint Power Firewatch Services.

As a firewatch service provider, we understand that ensuring the safety of personnel, infrastructure, and assets from fire hazards is a fundamental obligation for every organization. Conducting routine inspections and testing of fire protection systems forms a crucial component of a comprehensive fire safety program.

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Fire protection services play a critical role in safeguarding individuals, property, and the environment from the devastating effects of fires. These services encompass both preventive measures to avert fires and responsive strategies to effectively manage and extinguish them.

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The design, installation, and maintenance of fire detection systems, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and fire-resistant building materials require meticulous attention to detail. These precautions are essential in minimizing the risk of fire outbreaks and providing timely alerts to occupants. Joint Power Security Service Inc. offers Statewide Fire watch services and is usually prompt, and we often have a guard at your location in less than 4 hours when contacted.

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Joint Power Security Services envisions collaborating with its team to make its surroundings one of the safest states in the world. We possess expertise in aviation patrol security, fire watch, healthcare facilities, telecommunication towers, apartment buildings, malls, hotels, individual stores, both commercial and private buildings, and much more.

We provide experienced security guards carefully selected through a stringent screening process and background checks. Our guards specialize in all aspects of private security, ensuring the protection of lives and properties with excellent and superior service across all cities in California and Texas.

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Our security guards are highly skilled and trained in modern security practices.

Few Testimonials

Joint Power Security Inc. has truly been a game-changer for our business. Their attention to detail and prompt response have ensured our premises are always secure. I highly recommend them!

Sarah Johnson